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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

INNOCENT LOVE......................

I remember the days ,
When i enjoyed nights.
time changed so much,
  but the things only slight.

the Time made some fine ,
sculptures  in my mind.
one day i felt someone,
in the pretty wind.

i asked the wind “how
to role around the hearts”
she replied "not you
but i got some rights.

time passed slowly
and i laughed sometimes
whenever i wept
she wiped every time

once i asked ”why
do u so caring abt me”.
“Is there any thing or
 relation between you & me”.

she replied “o my dear
its something like
an unbreakable bond. it is
something called as love

Emotions of heart
Come out sometimes .
They make some beautiful
and immortal relationships.

i asked "why don`t you
 meet me directly
it will make us to feel
completeness and not lonely.”

one day i met her
by chance.
Really my heart
started to dance

o my god so innocent
face i realized.

she came near me &told
calmly with sorrow
i lost my lovely son in
last winter war.

In her sluggish words i felt ,
an extreme of love for her son.
i remembered how i wept when.
i lost my inert doll.

she had lost her life before
the right time .happened with her
but i enjoyed with another
 new doll on the same evening.

o my god so innocent heart
i realized.

then I started & keep watching
 at her innocent face.
I saw many lines & wrinkles
of experience on her face.

i exclaimed but now
she smiled.

She came still closer and
told annoyingly

o sweet baby
 u r so pretty,
o sweet baby
you look like him.

o my god so innocent love ,i realized.


  1. Beautifully expressed :)
    'Love is magical but equally crazzy :P

  2. Nice, soulful expression..pure ,innocent ,divine love . Who's on the audio? Cool voice? Beat your exams be on top always !

  3. @jyoti.....thx....:)

    @angel........thx...voice on audio is regulated by the applocation...i don`t think it belong to anyone... computerized voice i guess.....:)

  4. i can't camment here bro...
    i'm glad to have a friend 'Naveen Solanki'
    luv you brother

  5. @manish...bro thx for ur sweet words.....pleasure is all mine to have u....:))

  6. @MS Mahawar - thx a lot for your kind words/..... :)