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Monday, July 16, 2012

“The way out”.........................

In atrocious hard times of life,
Problems stare at us as sharp brutal knife
Though our eyes remain closed to pray
Our bare feet don't stop to stray
Though our mouth is about to shout
But our mind searches “The way out”

In deep grief and in sea of sorrow
Nothing in heart for a happy moment to borrow
Though our eyes get filled with holy pearls
Our heart races with extra whirls
Though our fingers raise everyone suspicious doubt
The thing that calms me is “The way out”

When we are alone and trapped in chain
The efforts we make, go all in vain
Though our eyes not strong to stare
Everything warns us beware-beware
Though there is no sign of love to sprout
The thing makes me live is “The way out”

-Naveen Solanki