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Friday, August 26, 2011


You didn't touch my physical things
You gave my desires new life, new wings

Don’t know, when your presence started to make me cool
Slowly you became essential part of my pool.

I was not aware, slept by your side
Went beyond the limits, forgot rules to abide

Don’t know, if I deserved small place in your heart
But gave you fullness, never asked for revert

Unanswered things why did you leave me alone
I am broken, emotions have flown.

Leaving silently will not make you debt free
I'm feeling like fallen leaf from a tree,

After million questions what makes you so calm
Are you happy now after distressing my realm?

You didn't steal the things, were physical
You have stolen my feelings, those are eternal.

You have pushed my life in deep grief
Oh God! You were such a thief.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

INNOCENT LOVE......................

I remember the days ,
When i enjoyed nights.
time changed so much,
  but the things only slight.

the Time made some fine ,
sculptures  in my mind.
one day i felt someone,
in the pretty wind.

i asked the wind “how
to role around the hearts”
she replied "not you
but i got some rights.

time passed slowly
and i laughed sometimes
whenever i wept
she wiped every time

once i asked ”why
do u so caring abt me”.
“Is there any thing or
 relation between you & me”.

she replied “o my dear
its something like
an unbreakable bond. it is
something called as love

Emotions of heart
Come out sometimes .
They make some beautiful
and immortal relationships.

i asked "why don`t you
 meet me directly
it will make us to feel
completeness and not lonely.”

one day i met her
by chance.
Really my heart
started to dance

o my god so innocent
face i realized.

she came near me &told
calmly with sorrow
i lost my lovely son in
last winter war.

In her sluggish words i felt ,
an extreme of love for her son.
i remembered how i wept when.
i lost my inert doll.

she had lost her life before
the right time .happened with her
but i enjoyed with another
 new doll on the same evening.

o my god so innocent heart
i realized.

then I started & keep watching
 at her innocent face.
I saw many lines & wrinkles
of experience on her face.

i exclaimed but now
she smiled.

She came still closer and
told annoyingly

o sweet baby
 u r so pretty,
o sweet baby
you look like him.

o my god so innocent love ,i realized.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A POEM FOR YOU............

" Outside the nest,
 Like downy feathers,       
 Holding my back…
 Making me stronger…
 Giving warmth,
 A vow of faith….
 Though Representing
 Unrelated pieces
 Of the thesis…
 Still fitting in frame,
 With precise perfection...
 As if we started
 Likewise today,
 Believing that,
 Our bond
 Be everlasting….
 Blessed with
 Our prayers,
 Irrigated with
 From heavenly lilies
 Of infinitely frequent
 Brighten up by Your
 That makes it,
 So special,

…love you friends….
 It`s really gr8 to have you……….
 With lot of love…..

-Naveen Kumar Solanki